Penne Gorgonzola


chicken, shrimp, mushrooms, red onions, baby spinach, sun dried tomato, cooked in gorgonzola cream sauce

Oven Baked Penne


chicken, mushrooms, baby spinach, bell peppers, red onion, cooked in rose sauce and baked with mixed cheese

Curry Linguine


chicken, shrimp, spinach, red onions, fresh pineapple, cooked in curry cream sauce, and topped with cilantro

Cajun Linguine


cajun chicken, shrimp, red onions, bell peppers, cooked in creole sauce

Southwest Linguine


chicken, shrimp, red onions, sweet peppers, mushroom, cooked in a southwest chipotle lime cream sauce, and topped with cilantro

Seafood Fettuccine


shrimp, baby scallops, mussels, calamari, mushroom, peppers, onions, cooked in a white wine pesto garlic lemon cream sauce



shrimp, grilled chicken, spicy sausage, jalapenos, onion and bell peppers in a flavourful sauce. served on a choice of linguine pasta or on a bed of basmati rice

Chicken & Shrimp Rose Fettuccine


chicken, shrimp, mix peppers, onions and mushroom in a rose sauce. includes garlic toast

Plain Pasta


your choice of penne, or fettucini pasta cooked in your choice of alfredo, rose, or spicy tomato sauce. served with garlic toast.

Peppercorn Steak Fettuccine


sliced steak cooked in a peppercorn cream sauce.served with garlic toast